Sermons from the Fox Valley SDA Church located in Neenah, Wisconsin.

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Date Title Presenter
2013-11-08 Covenant in Blue Paul Conner Play
2013-11-01 Problems With Promises Pastor John Glass Play
2013-10-25 Your Cornelius Kevin Wilkinson Play
2013-10-18 He Died For All Pastor John Glass Play
2013-10-11 The B-I-B-L-E Wanda Wyland Play
2013-10-04 Rejoice in the Lord, Always Elder Bill Wood Play
2013-09-27 Persevere Neil Mishleau Play
2013-09-13 The Final Showdown Tim Schmidt Play
2013-09-06 Four Faces of Faith Pastor John Glass Play
2013-08-30 Prayer Sam Bass Play
2013-08-23 How Close is My Heart to God's Pastor David Guerrero Play
2013-08-16 The Faces of Faith Pastor John Glass Play
2013-08-09 Wedges & Chains Mike Marta Play
2013-08-02 Pastor Ric Delivers Bread of Life Pastor Ric Swaningson Play
2013-07-26 Get Small Kevin Wilkinson Play
2013-07-19 He Died For All Pastor John Glass Play
2013-07-12 Daniel, The Judgement, & Revelation 10 Paul Conner Play
2013-07-05 Trust in the Bible Paul Conner Play
2013-06-28 Forgiveness is more than "Stuffing" it Pastor John Glass Play
2013-06-07 Man Shall Not Live By... Gary Wyland Play
2013-05-31 Asante Mungu Fletcher Grahn Play
2013-05-24 God's Photo Album Pastor John Glass Play
2013-05-17 Saul's Demise Pastor John Glass Play
2013-04-26 The Ultimate Deception Tim Schmidt Play
2013-04-19 The Whisperer Kevin Wilkinson Play
2013-04-12 Five Promises The Create Great Intimacy With God And Family Dr. Abraham Swamidass Play
2013-04-05 Lord, Which Way? Pastor Joe Brown Play
2013-03-29 Experiencing God David Strey Play
2013-03-22 The Opposite Game Jeff Metherell Play
2013-03-15 Then He Chose Twelve Doug Klemp Play
2013-03-08 Patience Jeff Bell Play
2013-03-01 God Exalting Worship Tim Schmidt Play
2013-02-22 Am I Doing This To My Lord? Wanda Wyland Play
2013-02-15 Love Your Enemy Gary Wyland Play
2013-02-08 Rizpah Kevin Wilkinson Play
2013-02-01 Accept Your Mission Mike Edge Play
2013-01-25 Ordinance of Humility & Communion Paul Conner Play
2013-01-18 Whosoever Neil Mishleau Play
2013-01-11 Faith & Obedience Jody Buchholz Play
2013-01-04 Wonderfully Made Tony Robley Play
2012-12-28 Reflections Sam Bass Play
2012-12-21 A Savior is Born Dr Don Knepel Play
2012-12-07 A Name Above All Names David Strey Play
2012-11-30 Rekindle Your First Love Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-11-23 Testemonials Fox Valley Church Membership Play
2012-11-16 God's Kingdom Sam Bass Play
2012-11-09 Committed and Active Laity Tim Schmidt Play
2012-11-02 Prove It Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-10-26 X Marks the Spot Jeff Metherell Play
2012-10-19 Salvation: Cause & Effect Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-10-05 Making Your Father Proud Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-09-28 Why Do Some People Say Church Is Boring? Pastor Titus Naftanalia Play
2012-09-21 Milk And Meat Kevin Wilkinson Play
2012-09-14 Dear God, Why Are You Letting This Happen To Me? Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-09-07 From Goo To You By Way Of The Zoo Pearo Ackles Play
2012-08-31 God Sam Bass Play
2012-08-24 The Decline Of The Family And How To Save Yours Pastor David Guerrero Play
2012-08-17 Shane & Amanda Kramlich's Testimonies Shane & Amanda Kramlich Play
2012-08-10 The Last Supper Doug Klemp Play
2012-08-03 The Great Disappointment Was Wonderful Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-07-27 You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-07-20 Are You Wise Or Foolish? Bob Stone Play
2012-07-13 Let This Mind Be In You Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-07-06 Passionate & Authentic Spirituality Tim Schmidt Play
2012-06-29 The Law Gary Wyland Play
2012-06-08 The Greatest Thing In The World Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-06-01 Flat Earthers Kevin Wilkinson Play
2012-05-25 A Brisk Workout For Your Soul Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-05-18 Bringing Hope Through God's Messengers Ed Brennan Play
2012-05-11 How To Hang On When You Want To Let Go Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-05-04 Empowering Servant Leadership Tim Schmidt Play
2012-04-27 The Love of God Neil Mishleau Play
2012-04-20 The Omega Apostacy Dr Paul Conner Play
2012-04-13 Lead Me Not Into Temptation Todd VanDeslunt Play
2012-04-06 His Resurrection & Ours Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-03-30 Getting Personal Kevin Wilkinson Play
2012-03-23 Jesus: Treatment For Sinners Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-03-16 What Will You Do? Sam Bass Play
2012-03-09 Let Christ's Mind Be In You Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-03-02 Mexico Mission Trip Presentation Gary Wyland Play
2012-02-24 Satan's Most Successful Temptation Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-02-17 I Can't Believe I Said That Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-02-10 Staille's Story Terry Dietrich Play
2012-02-03 Song Service 4His Glory Play
2012-01-27 Temptation Repellent Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-01-20 Rescue for the Stranded Garry Moise Play
2012-01-13 Affirm These Things Constantly Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2012-01-06 The Honor Is Yours Fletcher Grahn Play
2011-12-30 The Power Mike Marta Play
2011-12-23 The Birth of Christ Sam Bass Play
2011-12-16 It Really Does Matter Who You Know Pastor Bob Stauffer Play
2011-12-09 Old Ebenezer Kevin Wilkinson Play
2011-12-02 Personal Development Gary Wyland Play
2011-11-25 The Mystery of the Daily David Strey Play
2011-11-18 What does it mean to KNOW Jesus? Maria Lopez Play
2011-11-11 Worship Neil Mishleau Play
2011-11-04 One in Christ Paul Conner Play
2011-10-28 Titus Sam Bass Play
2011-10-20 Judge Not Todd VanDeslunt Play
2011-10-14 An Open Copy Pastor Marshall McKenzie Play
2011-10-07 The Living God Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-09-30 Beatitude of Mission Tim Schmidt Play
2011-09-23 Why me, Lord? Neil Mishleau Play
2011-09-16 Why? Doug Klemp Play
2011-09-09 Nehemiah & the Five Attributes of Mission Greg Taylor Play
2011-09-02 Good News! God Answered Our Prayer; We Are Going to be Martyrs! David Strey Play
2011-08-26 Hello, Goodbye Kevin Wilkinson Play
2011-08-19 When Jesus Comes Back Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-08-12 Is It Really There Wanda Wyland Play
2011-08-05 The Theif With Advanced Notice Clair Tillman Play
2011-07-29 The Scent of Water Mike Porter Play
2011-07-22 Semper Fidelis Paul Conner Play
2011-07-15 Where is the Prodigal Dale Mishleau Play
2011-07-08 The Sweet Omission Jim Schwake Play
2011-07-01 From Slavery to Freedom Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-06-10 The Answer to Your Prayer? It's Know Mike Marta Play
2011-06-03 Glory to Father & Son Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-05-27 Then Shall The End Come Fletcher Grahm Play
2011-05-20 The Wine Kevin Wilkinson Play
2011-05-13 Trust in the Lord Todd VanDeslunt Play
2011-05-06 She's Human Too! Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-04-29 Choosing C Play
2011-04-22 There Will Be Joy Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-03-25 The Unpardonable Sin Gary Wyland Play
2011-04-15 Circle Of Faith Tim Schmidt Play
2011-04-08 Where Were You Neil Mishleau Play
2011-04-01 The Difference Between Tithing and Giving Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-03-18 An Admission and an Intent Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-03-11 Life Without John Kevin Wilkinson Play
2011-03-04 The God Standard Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-02-25 Who Is On The Throne? Tony Robley Play
2011-02-20 Getting to the Roots John Strehle Play
2011-02-11 More to Love Mike Marta Play
2011-02-04 Christian Unity, Spiritual Gifts Pastor Samuel Garbi Play
2011-01-28 A Personal Testimony Jeff Bell Play
2011-01-21 The Good Shepherd's Mission Garry Moise Play
2011-01-14 Forward on Your Knees Linda Johnson Play
2011-01-07 New Christians for a New Year Pastor Garbi Play
2010-12-31 God is Everything & God is Enough Doug Klemp Play