Posted on Aug 18 2013

The Don Shire Trumpet Concert on August 3, 2013 at Fox Valley SDA Church was musically excellent and spiritually moving.  Shire's mastery of the trumpet reflects not only his training and degree in Music from Moody Bible Institute is Chicago, but also the effect of his extensive trumpet concert schedule throughout the year.  His varied repertoire concentrated on gospel and contemporary Christian Music.  Attendees were brought face to face with God in Reverend Shire's embellished style of presentation.


Shire's concerts are about more than music.  He weaves music with Christian outreach.  He received a degree in Christian Education from Moody Bible Institute and was ordained a minister of the Gospel by Impact International in 1994.  His Christian ministry tugs at peoples' hearts.  Reverend Shire's testimony of how God has led him, especially in working with children around the world and setting up orphanages to care for them was beautiful.  His involvement with widows in undeveloped countries has been a lifesaver for these women.  They not only have homes now, but have also been given the opportunity to develop creative, satisfying livelihoods to support themselves.


During the concert Reverend Shire presented an impassioned appeal, calling lost souls to Christ.  He has let the Lord use him for His Kingdom.  Those who have the opportunity of experiencing Don Shire's musical ministry are touched by God and inspired to use their own gifts to reach lost souls.